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Behold... My Future
  I will marry Michael Cassidy.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Houston in our fabulous Shack.  
  We will have 2 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a yellow Toyota Prius.
  I will spend my days as a author, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future
Okay. So the both one acts were absolutely amazing. I was honestly preoccupied during the first, but it was very good. But honestly, all I care about is Cassidy and I'm sure you guys only care about that, too. So I'll skip right ahead.

Basically, the first time in the play that you see Cassidy is him coming in from getting the mail in a rainstorm. He's in a toga, dripping wet. His character in the play is soooo hysterical - very sweet, very naive, very vain and extremely stupid. A himbo, basically. At first, I wondered if his acting wasn't a little wooden but by the second scene in the play, it all becomes very clear that his character is just plain stupid. He did an AMAZING job. His character was essentially a golden retriever, and he played it up SO well. His facial expressions were golden, and he had the funniest lines in the play, my favorite of which was - "But - if you chop off our heads, we'll DIE!"

Also, there's a scene in which he slides his toga down to the waist and wow. WOW. Those pictures I showed you guys from the reviews DID NOT do my boy justice, lemme tell you. I literally moved to the edge of my seat and was staring, gape jawed, with my mouth watering. He did an excellent job. And he was so funny and likeable - other actors might've made Philius despicable, but there's one thing I have always attributed to Cassidy and that is making the most of what he's given.

So!!! THE GOOD PART. After the show, Stace and I went out back to the stage door. Ed O'Neill (AKA Al Bundy) came out first. I went up and shook his hand and got an autograph for doodlebee, and told him how much I liked Dutch (I'm sure he's sick of hearing people say they like MWC!) and then went back to Stace, who hung behind. It took a while for Cassidy to emerge - half an hour, maybe? - and the funny part was I didn't notice it! I was looking away! So Stace tells me he's standing there, and I turn around and this is, essentially dear readers, when the wind began to blow and the angels began to sing.

However comely this man appears on camera, however attractive I thought he was on TV and in movies... it is absolutely nothing in comparison to just how goddamn beautiful he is in person. His bone structure is amazing, his smile is so bright that even in the 4th to last row during the play, okay, I could see his gleaming pearly whites. GUH. Anyways. So for a moment or so, I'm just standing in awe before snapping out of it and proceeding to go approach him. I actually think he talked to me first, as I was hanging back and shaking like a little leaf. (An adorable leaf, who was having a really great face-and-hair-and-outfit day, but still.) The exchange went something like this:

MANDA: ..Hi. Oh, wow - I'm your biggest fan. I've seen... all your work.
MICHAEL: Well - thank you, wow. What's your name?
MANDA: Um. (I actually forgot my name!!!!) Manda.
MICHAEL: Amanda. It's nice to meet you. I'm Michael. (AS IF I DIDN'T KNOW!!! HOW CUTE AND SWEET IS THAT?!?!?!?!)
MANDA: Hi. Wow. I loved you on the OC. You were my favorite, and - I actually have a Zach doll. *WHIPS IT OUT!*

[ Now, there is only one way to really describe his face right here, you honest had to be there, okay. He looked like this -- " :-D " except far, FAR more incredulous. ]

MICHAEL: Wow. I've NEVER seen one of those before.
MANDA: Do you want it? You can have it, if you want it. (That, and basically my body as a sacrifical offering of the sexual kind, mind you.)
MICHAEL: (still incredulous) Was it a gift?
MANDA: (I am like, basically as close to speechless as you can get without... you know, being speechless. I had to stop and think, ahaha!) Yes. But I could like... get another one. If you want it.

He politely declined. I don't remember the next few exchanges, alas. Then this happened, and it was basically one of the two funniest parts because you could absolutely just TELL that this guy had never before had such a true 'FAN-(atic)' encounter before. Which is understandable, he's mildly obscure.

MANDA: Um. Can you - this is weird, but can you maybe say 'all I need's a bong hit and a blow job and I'd be perfect?' It would make my night.
MICHAEL: (laughs in what seems to be flattered amusement) You're really pulling out obscure shit, wow. That's... rare.

Please note, this was a quote from 'Dare' the indie film he did which got circulated on the web during his run on The OC (for those who aren't in the fandom). It's from 2004 or 2005 and had a very successful film festival run, obtaining many awards along the way. Nonetheless, it wasn't 'Bowling For Columbine' and was in no way a mainstream type of film. So I can see where someone who doesn't stalk the OC fandom would find it obscure, hee.

MANDA: Yeah... I've seen just about everything you've done.
MICHAEL: Wow, thank you. That's - thank you so much, that's great.
MANDA: Can I maybe get your autograph? And a picture with you and me and the doll?
MICHAEL: Yeah! Yeah, absolutely!

Now. During this, my pen went dry and he DASHED inside to get another. It was really sweet. And during this time, I (still shaking, mind) comment to Stacey how NICE and sweet and just - genuine he is. He honestly seemed surprised that anyone hung around to meet him afterwards. Throughout this ENTIRE scene, Al Bundy is in the background nearby, paying attention. Cassidy comes back with a pen and continues autographing. (He wrote "Amanda - thanks for coming to the play and following my work! -- Michael " )

MANDA: Wow. You're - really, really nice.
ED O'NEILL: Aww, and he's SOOO CUTE, too!
MICHAEL: *BLUSHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

That exchange was adorable! You could tell that most everyone had been coming to see Al Bundy, and to meet Al Bundy, and the way they interacted was so funny. You could tell Ed O'Neill was happy that Michael had such a big fan, and he was smiling but not in an assy way - just kind of busting Cassidy's chops. It was cute.

So then! We took a picture, and oh my godddd he had an arm around me. And we shook hands, and I told him I loved him on Hidden Palms and was excited for and would be watching his new show. Michael (we're on a first name basis now, dont'cha know?) thanked me again and said it was nice to meet me, and then we parted ways.

I was GRINNING for every one of the eighty miles home. Best five minutes of my entire life! I'm going to frame his autograph, the end.

ETA: Pictures will be posted ASAP in the morning, I don't want to wake Tyler up just to get the connector cord. But! There are Wooly!Zach pictures, Cassidy pictures and a bunch of like... me, giving you a Myspace style photo shoot in the bathroom ;x

Jun. 14th, 2007

TITLE: Irreplaceable
FANDOM: Hidden Palms
PAIRING: Cliff/Eddie
SUMMARY: Cliff will have none of that.
RATING: R, for language and slashy undertones.

Maybe it’s been a love triangle all along and if it is, then Eddie was the center of it all.Collapse )

FF100 (Sound)

Title: Oh, It is Love
Fandom: The OC
Characters: Anna Stern/Zach Stevens
Prompt: Sound
Word Count: 191
Rating: G
Author's Note: I didn't include a summary; everything I could think of sounded cheesy. It's a FF100 fic, centered around the idea of love at first sight. The unnamed boy is, obviously, Zach. As... yes, that's what my fic claim is.

SOUNDCollapse )


7 Deadly Sins

Title: Proclivity
Author: the_rocklobster
Challenge: Seven Deadly Sins
Fandom: The O.C
Characters: Che - and a surprise cameo.
Prompt: Lust
Word Count: 468
Rating: R.

...a tell tale string of pink fabric...Collapse )

Dec. 12th, 2006

1. My userpics are running out.

2. Would anyone be interested in an OC fic challenge where I produce a table of prompts, and a list of characters and you pick a character and then fill out the table of prompts? The catch would be that each character would be one who a) has been in more than one episode and b) has not been considered a regular? (The two exceptions being Taylor and Kaitlyn; they've not been in the credits long enough to be exempt from this challenge.) So, people like Anna, Zach, Che**, Dr. Kim, Dean Hess, Taryn, Oliver, Hailey, etc etc?